Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dusting off your childhood, one book at a time!

So many books to read, so little time! Probably the biggest dilemma every working book nerd faces. I seem to keep collecting new books to read but can't find the time to sit down with them. The balance between work and family is already a delicate one... throw in setting aside time to read for pleasure and the whole system falls apart! Perhaps once summer vacation begins I will have a little more time... (said no teacher/mother ever!)

However, I have been following a great book blog for a little while now called "The Perpetual Page Turner". Yesterday she featured a fun little post, sending her readers down memory lane. The post was a top ten list of her favorite childhood books you would read again (if you had the time!).  She had some staples from my childhood on her list. Who didn't love a good Sweet Valley High melodrama! And I practically lived off of anything RL Stine wrote.

So up into my closet I went to dig up a box of dusty paperback memories from my parents house.

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