Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We love to read!

"Once upon a time, Conor read a story to his brother."

This was what I heard as I was doing dishes yesterday morning. I looked into the living room to find the boys sharing the recliner with a book spread out between them. Conor is only four, so he was not actually "reading" to Jack. He was however tracking the print from left to right with his finger and using the pictures to create his own story. When they turned the last page Jack shouted "the end" and both boys jumped up to grab another book to share.
So how did I end up with two little boys who love to read? Well there is no magic formula, no special programs or classes. The answer is quite simple... I read to them! Every night we choose 2 books to read (usually about trucks, lol) and we sit on the couch and read them together. I also let the boys see me read because one of the best ways to create a love for reading is by being a role model for your children. We visit the library every Saturday and spend hours looking at new books (and playing with the train table). Books have become a part of our every day lives. They're in our living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and cars. The boys even willingly bring a book to preschool everyday to share with their teachers. I am so proud of the love of literacy I see blossoming in my boys and I hope that it continues to grow along with them. I know that because of this early love of reading they will be better prepared to enter grade school. And as an elementary school teacher myself, I cannot tell you what a difference that makes!

So I have to ask... When was the last time you sat down and read a book with your child?