Sunday, August 2, 2015

Currently August

It's August already!?!? Where has the summer gone?

I can't believe that there are only 3 more weeks of summer left... I need to get back into my classroom to start setting things up. Yeah, I know I still have plenty of time, but when you have three little kids in tow you have to set up a little at a time. An hour in the classroom here or there is all I usually get. So I have to do as much prep as I can here at home.

Check out this super cool poster I made for my classroom library:
(You can snag them for your classroom HERE)

I'm LOVING our new driveway! The before and after difference is amazing! It will be so much easier to maintain in the winter now:

Writing has gone well this summer and I'm glad to be finally setting this dream in motion. As always though, there is never enough time when you've got three little boys to chase after! Progress is slow, but I am determined!

11316 / 80000 words. 14% done!

Happy August everyone! Make the most of your last days of summer!