Friday, April 3, 2015

Late to the party...

So I'm running a little late to the "Currently" party this month... Sorry! To make up for it though I'm having an awesome {{GIVEAWAY}} Keep reading to find out more!

Listening to the New York Rangers clinch the Division!! Last night's win over Minnesota puts us FIRST in the division going into the playoffs! Woo-hoo! I see the Stanley Cup in our future!

Loving Jamberry nails!! Have you tried these yet? They are seriously awesome! I love having my nails painted but am too cheap to go get them done. I try to do them myself but they always end up getting smudged and start chipping the very next day. Jamberry nail wraps are like stickers for your nails. They are super strong, easy to put on, and look great for 2 weeks! Best of all, they come in hundreds of colors and designs. There was a basket raffle at my son's hockey banquet this week and I won a Jamberry basket!! (I usually never win at these things)

To share the love, I'm giving away the soccer set of nail wraps I received. This pack is enough for at least 2 manicures and a pedicure! So, here's how they can be yours: I'm thinking of a number.... :) Comment on this post below and leave your email address.  If your post is the lucky number I'm thinking of you win and I'll get the nail wraps out in the mail to you this weekend!

Thinking about some new TpT products! Spring break is only a week away and I'm looking forward to having some time to sit down and develop these ideas in my head.

Wanting more time to write! There is never enough time in the day. If only I could put the world on pause for an hour or two a day... think of what I could accomplish!

Needing to put Easter baskets together for my boys! Easter is two days away... Seriously, how did that happen!?!?

Smocus Smocus? Really weird blog name, I know. When I was creating this blog for part of my masters course, I was having a hard time coming up with a name. I was working on my laptop at the kitchen table when my then 3 year old came up to me pointed his fire house at me and said, "Smocus Smocus Mommy! I turn you into a frog!" Just like that, his cute toddler talk became my new blog title!


  1. Cutest story for your blog name! :) I love it.

    Also super jealous you haven't had your spring break yet! Ours was over WEEKS ago!! Glad to find you! :)

    Mrs. Thomas's Class

  2. Your nails look great! I have heard of Jamberry nails but have never tried them. Maybe now I will! Also, I had my spring break a few weeks ago and I got a lot of stuff done for TPT. Good luck on creating your new products!

  3. I agree! You're story for your blog name is just adorable!! Please let me be the first one to know when you learn how to put the world on pause!! LOL!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. What a sweet blog name story. You'll always have that toddler memory captured! Love it. I'm not a soccer kinda girl, but I do want to try nail wraps some day for something special. I don't think they'd last two days on me, though :P See you around. Kathleen

  5. SUper cute that your kiddo helped you with your blog name! :-) My sister sells jamberries - she sent me some ASU ones when we had a big game last season and I got so many compliments! I am on spring break too and have many goals of getting a new product done, we'll see! Thanks for the button of BigTime Literacy on your sidebar! I'm honored! :-)
    Good, Good Life (I also write there!)

  6. Number: 72

    Also, I need more time to write as well. It's so hard to stop and get going!

  7. Wow, just checked for the first time since posting yesterday... 6 comments!! It's such a humbling feeling to know that others are reading what you post.

    The lucky number in our house has always been three (3 little boys), so comment #3 is the lucky winner of the Jamberry soccer nail wraps! Congrats Rachel @ A Tall Drink of Water! I'll be getting in touch with you today!

    Happy Easter everyone :)

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