The Birth of a Novel...

Writing a novel has always been a dream of mine. I just have this feeling that there is a story in me that needs to be told.

I have TONS of ideas rattling around in my head just waiting to be put into words. The hard part is getting them out.

So, I am dedicating the summer of 2015 2016 2017 to finally getting these ideas on paper! Third time's a charm right?!

Readers of this blog will become my test audience and sounding board. It's a scary thought to put your innermost thoughts out there for the world to see, but this is a journey that I cannot take alone.

Check back often for updates on my progress and pass along some words of encouragement along the way.

(A big thanks in advance to my family for putting up with me this summer!)


I'm a huge YA Dystopian fan so it should be no surprise that my novel is a YA Sci/Fi Dystopian :)

This work in progress has no title at the moment as I have changed it about 5 times since I started.

* Here's a peek at my first page!  
(An actual published author critiqued it for her blog,
:) seriously there are no emoticons big enough for this!)
* Note: this was my first page. Like the title it has changed several times...

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