Thursday, March 19, 2015

When PINspiration strikes... Classroom Readbox!

It's time to join in with what inspired you this month! Check out what inspired idea I put into action in my classroom. Then follow the directions at the end of this post to link up your own inspired ideas. I can't wait to see what everyone's been up to!

I was a little late to join in on the Pinterest craze... but once you sign up, it is like falling into a black hole of crafty DIY inspiration! One of my fist times flicking through "pins" I saw this great idea to create a Redbox in your classroom to use as a book display. I'm sure you're all familiar with the amazingly convenient Redbox movie dispensing machines. Well this clever idea uses a play on words to turn Redbox into "Readbox". GENIOUS, and a great way to get students inspired to read!

About 2 weeks ago I finally put this inspiration to good use. There was an old wooden bookshelf in my classroom with faded and dirty blue paint. One Monday afternoon while my students were at chorus, I dragged it out behind the school and attacked it with some red spray paint. The transformation was amazing...

After painting the shelf I enlisted the help of my students to level our class library. The books on my readbox shelf are all new arrivals from Scholastic Reading Club (They had some great deals last month and I cashed in some bonus points to update our selection). To level them I used AR Bookfinder, operated by Renaissance Learning (STAR testing). We use the STAR assessments in our school which provides students with an independent reading range. This helps students select appropriate books to read independently.

I used a sharpie to write the AR book levels on all of my new books, then sorted them into baskets to make it easier for students to find their "just right" book. For more information on AR Bookfinder, download my FREE Reading Celebration Packet. It comes with tutorials for using Accelerated Reader in the classroom (plus an awesome Battle of the Books bracket tournament!).

Here's how my finished display came out:

My students are so excited to "rent" these new books! Now they can't wait for our independent reading time after recess each day. Stop by my TpT store to pickup my Readbox packet. It comes with all the signs and labels pictured, a sign out sheet to keep track of books, bookmarks, and a book review form. Click {HERE} to check it out!

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    1. (Needed to edit my comment to add) I love this linky idea! I'm on maternity leave but I'd love to share ideas I've gotten in the last from Pinterest! Also loving your blog design!

    2. Thanks! Good luck with your new little one!! I always enjoyed that special bonding time you get while on maternity leave. There's nothing like it! I hope you can linkup :)
      - Stacie