Saturday, April 25, 2015

LOVE the Scholastic Warehouse Sale!

Last Monday I finally seized the chance to go to a Scholastic Warehouse sale! 

I've received the emails in the past letting me know that the Warehouse Sale was coming to town, but never made the time to go. This year, however, I decided to go with my grade level partner and our 6-7-8 ELA teacher. 

It was my first time there and I was skeptical about finding good deals or anything useful for my classroom. I stepped into the room, my jaw dropped to the floor, and all my previous worries melted away! It was like your regular school book fair on steroids!

Our 6-7-8 ELA teacher had been to one before, so I relied heavily on her guidance and headed to the famous $24/box section first. Literally, anything you can pack into a box from that section is only $24! They had all sorts of books ranging from picture books to adult bestsellers. I watched in awe as she filled box after box. She cleaned the shelves, finding enough copies (20+) to make class sets! One of her boxes contained 24 hardcovers of Just Ella (Margaret Peterson Haddix), 5 copies of Hunger Games, and multiple copies of Scat and Skink (Hiaasen). All for 24 bucks!!!

Once I overcame the shock I grabbed a box and started filling!
In my box are all the books you see above (I'm super excited to use the Neverland book Cave of the Dark Wind as a class novel next year!) plus a few others I forgot to photograph. I picked up the picture book Titanicat to complement my other Titanic teaching materials, grabbed a few copies of a Pirates of the Caribbean graphic novel, and threw in a book for myself to top it off (a Bones novel by Kathy Reichs!). All for $24! The Neverland books were priced @ $9.99 each and I snagged 20 of them, plus so much more, for $24! (If you can't tell, I'm just a LITTLE excited)

Now the rest of the Warehouse Sale outside of the $24/box section was 50%. They had everything you can find in recent Scholastic Reading Club flyers and more. Some books had "Final Price" stickers on them, so I asked if those were 50% off too... They answered YES and I double checked with a few other volunteers just to make sure because the deal was too good to believe. I found a few books that were marked at 79 cents and ended up ringing up at 40 cents when I checked out. SCORE! I bought 5-10 copies of each to make small group sets for literature circles/book clubs. Thats $2 for a small group set of 5 books!

To top it all off, I had a coupon from Scholastic for $25 off a $100 purchase. So everything I snagged only cost me $83. Over 100 books for less than 100 dollars. You can't beat that! Click {{HERE}} to find a Scholastic Warehouse Sale near you and don't hesitate to sign up.

You can bet that next year when the Scholastic Warehouse sale rolls around, I will be there.
I think I might start saving up now so next year's haul can be even BIGGER!

Happy Reading :)

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