Saturday, December 20, 2014

What does the TEXT say? TpT SALE!!

If you've been around ANY child in the past year then you've heard the annoyingly catchy tune "What does the fox say?". And unless you've been living under a rock, I am willing to bet you have even sung the chorus a few times.
Well my three boys had that song on loop last week. With that song stuck in my head I went into class each morning thinking about how my students are having difficulty with text evidence. I needed to find a way to reach them, something catchy that they would remember and use. Last year, I used the ACE strategy from Lovin' Lit's interactive notebooks with much success. However this year's crop of 4th graders just didn't grasp it with the same enthusiasm.
I was in the middle of correcting yet another batch of evidence-less responses when my son walked into the room singing that infamous chorus. Then, inspiration struck and I realized that "fox" could easily be replaced with "text"! The next think I know I've got a classroom bulletin board planned out and a head full of ideas!

After a few late nights on my trusty ol' laptop I had a brand new strategy for teaching my students to cite text evidence.
My new teachers pay teachers product contains the graphics I created for my bulletin board, posters with sentence starters and my new F.O.X. formula for providing text evidence, 3 different graphic organizers, bookmarks for reading groups or individual use, a rubric aligned to Common Core Anchor Standard for Reading RL.1 and RI.1, and some ideas for instruction. Best of all this new product (along with my new Speaking and Listening Discussion Tools) is on SALE this weekend. Stop by my TpT store to scoop them up for 15% off!
My students are LOVING the spoof of the song and, wouldn't you know, have started to show more text evidence in their responses! I hope you find this product as useful and I am. Please leave me some feedback and consider following my store for more inspired ideas!

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