Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tech Thursday "Sticky Walls"

Today I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for Tech Thursday! This is my first time linking up and I'm super excited to see what new technologies everyone has to share.
I am sharing my love for Padlet today. It's like a digital bulletin board or wall that you can post sticky notes on, hence my nickname for them "sticky walls". I have created many sticky walls to use with my students over the years. You can see some examples of them on my class website. Sticky walls are a great way to quickly assess student learning and understanding of a topic. You can put the wall up on your classroom SMARTboard and student posts will pop up as they respond! Follow the directions below to get started on your own sticky wall:

The right side of the wall hosts your toolbar. Click on the gear to modify the wall. At any time you can click on the Padlet icon at top to return to your dashboard. Don't worry about losing your work. Padlet automatically saves it!
At this point your wall is finished and ready for use! Just double click anywhere on the wall to leave a post. You can also drag and drop files and pictures, add links to websites and articles, and even add videos. The possibilities are truly endless.
After pasting the embed code into the HTML section of your blog post you can switch back over to the compose view to see how your wall looks and add text.

Want to try out a sticky wall?! Below is a wall I created while I was grabbing screenshots for this post. Double click anywhere on the wall below to leave your comment. How would you like to use sticky walls in your classroom?

Don't forget to stop by Teaching Trio for more great technology ideas. Happy Thursday!

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  1. Very cool about the SMARTboard! I am going to have to give it a try!
    Tech Crazy Teacher