Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Currently June

I seriously can't believe it's June already! We're in the home stretch! School's out for us June 17th!
So, I guess it's time to start thinking about summer with Farley and this month's Currently:

LOVING... my new "Teacherpreneur" Planner! I recently purchased some clipart from The 3AM Teacher on Etsy and she sent me a free gift, the complete HELLO Planner! I picked the pages I wanted, printed them off, and took them over to Staples to be spiral bound (only cost me $4.97)!!
The end result is a super cute and very functional planner for all my blogging and TpT-ing adventures.

I had no idea Staples could bind books for you so quickly and cheaply! I've made my own lesson planning pages for years now and have always hated carting around a clunky binder. I will definitely be getting it spiral bound in the fall!!

Click on the image below to head on over the The 3AM Teacher's shop on Etsy.

THINKING... about a Disney trip this fall. Possibly without the kids to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (wow time has flown by!)! My husband and I have never been on a solo vacation and the idea is soooooo tempting. However I would feel so guilty going to Disney without the boys... DILEMMA!

WANTING... my nose to feel better. My adorable, sweet, loving toddler head-butted me over the weekend. Waiting to hear back from the doctor to see if there is a fracture... LOL, the joys of parenthood!

NEEDING... more time! Like always!

SUMMER LOVIN... time to plan and prep for another grade level next year! We got our teaching assignments today and it looks like I'm moving... again! 5th move in 10 years (all in the same little school). Back to 5th grade I go!

I hope you all have a great end to your school years!!


  1. I love the Big Bang Theory! My husband and I went to Disney last summer and had so much fun! You should definitely go! Have a great end to your school year!

  2. We went on a solo vacation...once. It was a cruise for our anniversary. Our kids were teenagers and boy were they unhappy! LOL They got over it! Enjoy!