Sunday, November 13, 2011


Since this blog was created for class... here is my reflection on the week's work:
Our discussion of the three instructional models (internet workshop, internet inquiry, and internet project) was very helpful in clarifying the differences between the three. All are similar yet different and distinct in their own way. If I were still working with older students I would love to work on an internet inquiry with them. I like the idea of giving students the opportunity to generate their own questions and the freedom to independently explore them on the internet. An internet project is an exciting option for my second grade class. I have a friend who teaches second grade in Vermont. The options for collaboration between our classes through internet-based multimedia are endless! After the holidays I would like to start a pen-pal glog program (if she has the computer access necessary to participate at her school). The instructional model that best suits my needs at this time is an internet workshop. I plan on having my students research a topic, using sites provided to them, to collaborate with their peers and complete a graphic organizer demonstrating their understanding of the topic. I'm using my class wikipage to host the lesson, a prezi presentation (thanks Leon!) to introduce terminology to students, and a glog to showcase the videos and sites I want them to visit. I'm excited to complete the project and show it to my students!
Once again our discussion in class left me feeling inadequately prepared to teach our students the skills necessary to succeed in their future. The National Educational Technology Plan (2010) was a very interesting document to read through. The section Andrea, Tricky, and I read discussed the need for more technology training for pre-service teachers. Based upon my college experiences I can say that there definitely needs to be more instruction in lesson planning and technology. With today's technology changing by the minute it is important now more than ever that teachers stay current. Teachers need to know how to implement new technology into their classroom. They need to have the knowledge to be able to do more than just check their email. How can we prepare our students for the future if we are still working with the tools of the past?

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