Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hippo and the Potamus

At bedtime tonight, Conor decided that he wanted to read to me for a change. He picked up an alphabet book, this one happened to be all about the letter H. He held up the cover for me to see (there was a picture of the letter H and a hippo) and announced that this book was called "The Hippo and the Potamus"
This bedtime story is for you buddy...
It was a long walk to the watering hole. The hot African sun beat down on Hippo's tough gray hide, slowing his short stride to almost a crawl. Hippo was relieved when he reached the watering hole and found it deserted. "How strange that on such a hot day I am the only one here." thought Hippo. He walked to the edge and slowly inched himself forward into the chilly water. Hippo waded deeper into the watering hole and as he walked he scraped up cool mud from the bottom and splashed it up onto his back. Hippo was just starting to relax when he heard loud, thumping footsteps coming towards the watering hole. The footsteps were so distinct, that Hippo did not need to look up to know that Potamus had found his way to the cool water as well. Potamus, Hippo's brother, was not at all gracefull. In fact, Potamus was what you would call a klutz. Hippo had always been embarrassed of his brother, clumsily bumping into other animals wherever he went. So he pretended that he didn't see him on the shore.
As Hippo relaxed, mud-covered in his private watering hole, Potamus donned his swimming cap, goggles, and arm floaties. He climbed to the top of the highest acacia tree, and before Hippo could open his mouth to protest, Potamus cannonballed down into Hippo's refuge. Water splashed everywhere. Mud flew up into the nearby trees. If you remember, I mentioned that Potamus was not a graceful fellow. You see, even though he intended to do a cannonball, Potamus ended up doing the largest and loudest bellyflop in all of Africa. When the waves of cool water and mud finally stopped, the only things left in the watering hole were Hippo and Potamus. Almost all traces of wetness were gone, and only the two brothers remained. Potamus had landed on top of Hippo, whose back was still covered in cool, wet mud. Without the rest of the water from the watering hole the mud on Hippo's back began to harden, cementing Hippo and Potamus together. Hippo was so embarrassed. He tried to shake his brother off, but it was no use. The brother's climbed out of the watering hole in search of more water to moisten the mud and separate themselves. Hippo and Potamus searched for days with the hot sun beating down on them relentlessly. Finally on the third day they reached another watering hole, this one not as private as the last. Zebra, Giraffe, Monkey, and Lion were there cooling off and bathing in the water. They were surprised to see the two brothers stuck together because everyone knew how embarrassed Hippo was of Potamus. Hippo and Potamus went straight into the water hoping it would moisten the mud and free them. Unfortunately after days of baking in the sun the mud refused to let go. Hippo was upset and began splashing about wildly. The other animals teased Hippo and Potamus, calling them "Hippopotamus!"
.... to be continued
Goodnight buddy, sweet dreams


  1. Stacie- I love your blog! Your personality shines through: amazing mom, brilliant educator, talented writer. Have you considered writing childrens' books? This hippopotamas story is great! Being a mom of two, I realize how important bedtime stories are. It's funny how even young children begin to have favorite books & ask to have the same familiar pages read over & over again. But I don't mind, those are some of the best minutes of my day!

  2. Thanks Tricky! You are so kind! I happen to know you are an awesome mom and teacher yourself! I have always wanted to be a writer... Maybe someday. Our boys have their favorites too. I think I've read Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs to them a thousand times! The greatest gift we can give our children is the joy of reading!!