Thursday, February 12, 2015

Great Grammar Resource!

I started using a new ELA program this year (Common Core Progress from Sadlier Schools) and I love it. However one area that this program is lacking in is grammar. There is only one page of grammar work in each unit and it is not incorporated into our daily reading. To supplement a colleague showed me this fantastic site NoRedInk that I'm sharing today for...

NoRedInk is an online grammar program that provides students with unique high-interest sentences to correct. Students can manipulate the sentences by correcting capitals, adding or removing punctuation, or highlighting nouns/verbs. This provides an authentic assessment of each student's abilities. Setting up a class and student accounts is free and easy.

What makes NoRedInk different?
Sentences are based on the student's interests! When students first log in they are asked to choose their favorite movies, TV shows, athletes, authors, musicians, and more. They can even type in the names of their friends and pets! Then NoRedInk gives students sentences to correct based on what they are interested in. This keeps students engaged, focused, and on task. (It also causes some giggles while they are working. Who said grammar can't be fun!)

Creating an Assignment:
There are dozens of grammar categories to choose from when creating an assignment, quiz, or pretest for your class. Once you choose a category, you can choose which specific skill within that category you want students to work on.

Student Work:
While students are working on an assignment, NoRedInk offers review lessons if they answer a question incorrectly. It also gives students multiple attempts to answer the question correctly. This helps to empower students and makes them feel successful at each task.

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